About PGIM India Portfolio Management Services

PGIM India Portfolio Management Services (PMS) is a business of PGIM India Asset Management Private Limited, a wholly owned business of PGIM.
PGIM India PMS, registered with SEBI, is a leading Portfolio Management Service provider in the country. PGIM India PMS offers customized investment solutions to high net worth individuals and institutional investors. Lead by a highly experienced investment team, we offer equity strategies with a focus on long-term growth and value generation.


Our Strategies

We offer multiple PMS portfolios that are true to our Investment Philosophy. Please visit respective portfolio pages to know more.

PGIM India Core Equity Portfolio

Most participants in the market seek quicker returns and tend to avoid opportunities that do not show a promise of quicker returns. PGIM India Core Equity Portfolio sees an investment opportunity by having a different time horizon to investing. We see opportunities in good businesses when they are in the midst of temporary difficulties. Our proposition is to buy good businesses which are being ignored by the market due to some difficulties, and to hold them till they become popular again. On the other hand, if such opportunities arises in a poor business, we are not interested in exploiting it. PGIM India Core Equity Portfolio selects companies on the basis of quality parameters like high and sustainable return on capital employed, free cash flow, established track record and proven business models.

PGIM India Phoenix Portfolio

This portfolio plays the growth story through turnaround and special situations; buying into earnings growth before it is visible, generally offers a price advantage. PGIM India Phoenix Portfolio invests in small and mid-cap companies with high growth prospects; at least 75% of the portfolio is in these companies. We select companies where the growth in revenue and profits is expected to accelerate in the future, because of disruptive business ideas, expanded market opportunities, business reorganisations or turnarounds.

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The Client can avail the Portfolio Management Services directly from the Portfolio Manager without any recourse to distributors.